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Lawn Fertilization

A strong root system is the secret to maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the growing season. Promoting a healthy root system is best achieved with proper fertilization techniques which start with quality fertilizing products. Total Lawn & Landscape uses Valley Green Fertilizer's granular fertilizer that has a number of key advantages over other liquid fertilizers on the market...

  • Release nutrients slowly and evenly over time. The granules in the fertilizer have a coat which release nutrients as it dissolves slowly in the soil to continuously supply the roots with the necessary nutrients to stay strong and healthy.
  • Safe for people and pets. Our fertilizer consist of organic materials such as compost, blood meal, bone meal, seaweed extracts, and humic and amino acids as opposed to harsh chemicals found in liquid fertilizers. These organic materials help activate existing nutrients in the soil as well as retain moisture.
  • A faster drying time than liquid fertilizers. As a result, your lawn will be open to use by pets and people quickly after application.

All of our programs include Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques which are designed to reduce the material that controls weeds and insects. Instead of blanketing the entire lawn with chemicals, we spot treat for weeds and insects on an as-needed basis. All treatments are applied by licensed technicians.

Lawn Fertilization Services Attleboro MA

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Complete Fertilizing
Early April

Crabgrass Control Broadleaf Weed Control


Complete Fertilizing
Mid May

Crabgrass Control
Broadleaf Weed Control


Slow Release Fertilization
Late June

Surface Insect Control
Broadleaf Weed Control


Slow Release Fertilization
Early August

Broadleaf Weed Control


Slow Release Fertilization
Mid September

Broadleaf Weed Control


Winterize Fertilization
Late October

Broadleaf Weed Control

OPTIONAL STEPS  Grub Control / Grub Proofing (Late June) & Lime Application (Spring / Fall)

Tree & Shrub Fertilization Services Attleboro MA

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Total Lawn & Landscape Inc. offers a variety of options to care for the trees and shrubs that make up your landscape.

Each property has specific needs, so we work closely with homeowners to discuss your objectives, address concerns, offer advice and answer questions to design a program that will work for you. Our applicators are trained and licensed in tree and shrub care.



Spring Application
March - April

Provides control of overwintering insects and egg masses such as scale and mites. Products include dormant oil.


Early Summer Application
July - August

Provides mid season protection against insects such as Japanese beetles, weevils, mites, lace bugs, etc. and diseases such as leaf spots and powdery mildew. Products include insect and disease control.


Late Summer Application
September - October

Provides late season protection against insects such as scale, lace bugs, webworms, etc. and diseases such as leaf spots. Products include insect and disease control.


Fall Application
November - December

Provides a balanced macronutrient and micronutrient fertilizer to the plant and root systems which helps to enhance plant vigor and health. Products include deep root fertilization.

Optional Lawn Care Services

Grub Control

This is a curative application that is applied after a grub problem is detected. Grub problems can be difficult to detect in the early stages due to the grubs developing beneath the top soil and hidden from sight. Therefore sporadic grub damage is likely to occur. If you have a grub problem, damage will likely occur during the months of April or late July and September.

Grub Proofing

This is a preventative application and is 100% guaranteed effective for the entire season. It is applied in the late spring, preventing grub damage throughout their active cycle. This active cycle occurs during the fall and following spring.

Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

Kills existing pests, repels active ones, and smothers larvae. Click here for more information.

Slice Seeding

A mechanical seeding process which involves the slicing and detaching of a damaged lawn area and the application of seed into the layer of cultivated topsoil. This process eliminates the need for total renovation such as new topsoil and grading. Slice seeding does not disturb the existing lawn areas and is often much more affordable than conventional renovation.

Core Aeration

This process involves the mechanical removal of small cores of soil in your lawn to allow air circulation and more moisture and fertilizer access to the turf root zone. Aeration also reduces soil compaction and disease activity to help create healthier roots and a thicker, lush lawn.

Shrub Bed Weed Control

Applied to your shrub bed areas during the spring/summer seasons, these applications greatly minimize the event of weed infestation in bed areas. Control measures are customized to each property. It is important to note that a healthy application of mulch to your bed areas works well in cooperation with this application to diminish weed problems.

Pelletized Lime

This helps maintain a proper soil PH level. Lime reduces the acidic levels in your soil allowing better turf growth and improving the response from fertilization applications. Lime also contributes to natural thatch breakdown and decreases the incidents of some turf diseases and weeds. Lime treatments are normally applied during the late spring or fall season.

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